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FucoMAXTM - Fucoidan
Natural Solution for Gastrointestinal health plus cellular health & DNA protection

AlgaeHealth is proud to present FucoMax™ Fucoidan, an extensively-researched nutraceutical ingredient for gastrointestinal health.  In addition, a great deal of exploration has been done on fucoidan’s ability to protect cells and DNA as a potential preventative supplement against the ravaging effects of unwanted cellular mutations.  Derived from food-grade brown marine algae, FucoMax™ provides high-potency, high-quality fucoidan. 


AlgaeHealth has secured relationships with leading growers of brown marine algae that use environmentally-conscious processes to harvest the algae from sustainable aquaculture farms.  Emerging clinical research coupled with AlgaeHealth’s extraction expertise and extensive in-house testing are providing the perfect combination to launch a safe and efficacious solution for gastrointestinal and cellular health concerns.  Among a series of pre-clinical trials, FucoMax™ has been shown in rodent studies to prevent the main side effects of aspirin on the gastrointestinal tract.  It also shows protective effects against alcohol-induced gastrointestinal mucosa damage. 


The primary active ingredient in fucoidan (fucose) is not naturally found in food, therefore the body must obtain fucose from intermediate molecules it itself generates by producing more than 34 enzymatic reactions.  Fucose is one of eight biological sugars that are absolutely essential for cell-to-cell communication.  Which is another reason why FucoMax™ is such a great choice for an innovative health supplement.  Lastly, fucoidan shows other potential benefits of interest such as immune system modulation, anticoagulant & antithrombotic activity, and additionally may inhibit certain viruses and bacteria. 


Origin:  Laminaria japonica seaweed


Standards:  50%, 70% and 85% fucoidan powder as confirmed by HPLC


Key Benefit:  Digestive Health and Cellular Health & DNA Protection


Additional Potential Benefits:  Immune System Modulation; Anticoagulant & Antithrombotic Activity; May Inhibit Certain Viruses and Bacteria. 

FucoMax™ has been extensively researched for gastro-intestinal health.  Additional research on fucoidan shows potential benefits for cellular health & DNA protection.

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