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AlgaeHealth’s 80-acre 100% glass-tube photobioreactor Astaxanthin farm

Worldwide demand has outpaced supply for Astaxanthin over the last few years due to doctors, opinion leaders and scientists who have begun talking about its diverse health benefits.  To fulfill this rising demand, AlgaeHealth has vastly increased the world supply of Natural Astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae.  After starting small in 2006 and mastering the art of Astaxanthin production over the next seven years, AlgaeHealth quickly expanded its Astaxanthin production in 2013 to become the world’s second largest producer.  And we’ve earmarked land and obtained government approval for further expansion at any time demand increases.  We plan to be the world’s largest producer in the year 2020.  We chose one of the premier sites to locate our algae production:  Our world class 80-acre 100% glass-tube photobioreactor Astaxanthin farm is situated in a pristine region of Yunnan and borders on the world famous Stone Forest.  We have pure air and water, a temperate climate year-round, and abundant sunshine to produce Astaxanthin in a natural manner, yet in protective glass tubes which prevent foreign algae and other unwanted organisms from mixing in with our crop. 


The end result:  Our product purity and the concentration of Astaxanthin in our algae outshine all other producers.  It’s a fact:  Using our industry-leading technology and pristine Himalayan water, AlgaeHealth produces the world’s finest quality Astaxanthin!  The material is available in many forms such as oils, water-dispersible powder, microencapsulated beadlets, as well as the product we’re most proud of:  Certified Organic Haematococcus Pluvialis microalgae powder.  In addition, we produce softgel capsules and private label bottles for distribution in select markets around the world. 



AlgaeHealth’s Astaxanthin is grown in a pristine region of Yunnan that borders on the world famous Stone Forest

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